Do you run a business loan and do you always need a business loan for your business? Or do you just want to start a business and need money to start? And would you like to have your money available immediately? And what about paying interest only for the money you actually use? In that case, a non-bank loan from our company is an appropriate overdraft facility.

In addition to loans for individuals, there are also business loans. These loans from the rule require a valid assigned ID and authorization to do business in the Czech Republic. There are more kinds of business loans that are provided.

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How is a business loan processed?

First, send us a completed payday advance application online at this site web. Then a brief consultation with our staff will take place. Together, you select a product that is just right for you. You will be familiar with loan terms. And you will also learn what documents are needed to close it. After the loan is approved, the contractual documentation will be prepared. And finally, the signing of credit and pledge contracts and also the disbursement of agreed funds.

Overdraft business credit – in general

An overdraft facility, in other words, an overdraft facility, offers you the chance to draw funds from your account, even if you are at zero. It often serves as a financial reserve for unexpected expenses and situations. Thus, in business, this type of credit is a popular option. Decent companies offer the opportunity to draw overdrafts where you pay interest on just the money actually spent, not the total amount you get from an overdraft.

What can our company offer to meet your business needs?

  • Short-term loan
  • Long-term loan
  • Individual Loan
  • Overdraft account

Overdraft loan with us!

Our company offers entrepreneurs a business loan in the form of an overdraft. It serves for immediate use of already prepared money in the account. In addition, you pay interest only on the money you actually use. So you always have the money to do your business.

How does a business loan work with us?

Above all, it is fast, safe and reliable. Our Overdraft product works similar to the conventional bank overdraft facility. This gives you the opportunity to draw a pre-approved amount. All your money is available at any time and immediately. However, you only pay interest on them from the amount you actually use. Each month, you only pay interest on the actually drawn amount you currently have. And only for a specific number of days in a month! So you only pay money for money if you actually use it.

For whom is a business loan suitable for us?

  • For those who need to have a financial reserve at all times
  • For those who do not want to pay unnecessary interest on money they do not use
  • If you want to be able to pay the entire amount at any time and without interest
  • If you have failed to apply for a business loan at the bank
  • If you have the property available to secure the loan

How does a business loan help you?

  • It is fast, reliable and safe.
  • The Overdraft product works similarly to a bank overdraft.
  • You get the option to draw a pre-approved amount.
  • You do not pay anything for the undrawn money that you have at any time immediately.

How will a long-term loan help you?

How will a long-term loan help you?

  • Each month, you only pay interest on the amount actually spent and only for a specific number of days per month.
  • So you only pay money for money when you actually use it.
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